Acoustic – 2006 Collings CJ Custom, 1988 Martin D35, 2002 Guild F-1512e 12-String, 1952 Kay Tenor, 1972 Aria AC-8 Concert Nylon. LR Baggs I-Beam/LR Baggs Anthem/Sunrise pickups.

Electric – 2001 Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster, 1976 Gibson Les Paul Standard, 1981 Fender Telecaster, Schecter J-4 Bass



Acoustic – Pedaltrain Jr, BOSS DD20, TC Electronic Harmony GXT, BOSS CE-3, BOSS RV-6, Red-Eye Pre-Amp.

Electric – Pedaltrain Jr, Xotic AC Booster, Xotic RC Booster, Vintage 1980’s ProCo RAT, Ibanez TDS9, Vintage 80’s BOSS CS-2, Vintage Electro Harmonics Electric Mistress, Vintage 80’s Ibanez DDL, BOSS CE-3, BOSS TR-2 w/Keeley Mod, Rack Mount Intellifex w/Voodoo Lab Ground Control, Alesis Nano-Verb, Line 6 M9, Goodrich Volume Pedal, Cry Baby Wa-Wa.



DR Z Maz 30-NR Head w/Mesa Boogie 2×10 Celestions, Peavey Classic 30 1×12 Combo, 1979 Fender Champ



Aria M-180 Mandolin, Hohner Harmonicas, Oscar Schmidt Auto-Harp, M-Audio Axiom 49, Shure Microphones, Mogami Gold Guitar Cables, Elixer Nano-Web and D’Addario Strings.



BOSE L1-II w/Tone Match Mixer, Yamaha EMX 88s Powered Mixer with EV Force 1 Mains and Yamaha SM-15 & SM-12 Monitors, Presonus Studio/Live 16-Channel Mixer, On-Stage Speaker Tripod Stands.