Here are some other cool band projects that I’m part of part of.  Click on the logos to visit the links.


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The Tallywackers is fun Irish group that plays a cool variety of traditional and new Irish tunes.  This is the perfect pub band for high-energy pint-tipping.  Band members: myself (Vocals/Mandolin/Harmonica/Tenor and 6-string Guitars), Dave Niemeyer (Banjo/Tenor & 6-string Guitars/Vocals) & Jon Kemppainen (Vocals/Fiddle/Mandolin).  Hire us for  your St. Paddy’s Day party or anytime you wanna get your Irish on!



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Radio Retro is a blast to play with.  We have two amazing female lead vocalists and we’re able to perform an incredible repertoire that spans from the 60’s to the 90’s…”nuthin’ but the hits”!  Our 80’s song selection includes some of my all-time favorite tunes.  This band does very well at weddings, private parties and any event that needs high-energy dance tunes.  Band members: myself (Vocals/Guitars/Keys), Brandon Storms (Vocals/Drums), Kelley Dickinson (Vocals/Percussion), Ryan Lindsay (Vocals/Bass), Meg Johnson (Vocals) & Jon Kemppainen (Vocals/Sax/Fiddle/Keys).





For the past year or so I’ve been performing, producing and recording with Mark Stevens, of the popular ’60’s band THE DOVELLS.  Mark puts on a great show with his His Story of Rock-n-Roll tour, which takes his audiences on a very entertaining trip through the formative years of American rock and roll.  Mark not only plays all his own hits, like the Bristol Stomp, but also performs other popular songs of the era and imparts some cool and incredibly funny stories from his life-long experiences with some of pop music’s most iconic artists.  Lovers of the golden era of rock – you need to see this show.




Dark Sky Ordinance is a pet project of mine that I will be exploring in 2017.  Progressive rock has always been my first love in music and I look forward to creating a full album of my own cosmic creation by year’s end.  Edgy and atmospheric guitars, analogue synth pads, dreamy melodies, abstract lyrics and syncopated rhythms.  Fans of Genesis, Yes, Pink Floyd, Gentle Giant, Camel, Kansas, Be Bop Deluxe and Jethro Tull will like this.  A studio CD is a definite…live performance?….maybe.  Stay tuned for more info.




If you’re interested in booking the TALLYWACKERS, RADIO RETRO, MARK STEVENS’ History of Rock-n-Roll just gimme a shout right HERE.  Thanks!